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About ProForce Sports Perfromance Training
About ProForce

ProForce Sports Performance Training is the premier athletic training facility in the Chicago area, continuing a 9 year tradition of providing proven results to athletes seeking their maximum physical potential. Our certified and experienced training staff, led by Chris Browning, zealously but safely lead athletes through proper progressions in strength, speed, and conditioning, preparing both individuals and teams for superior level of achievement.

Chris Browning is recognized by industry colleagues, coaches, sports agents, and athletes as a preferred sports performance trainer and general fitness coach. Since 2004 Chris has been training, teaching, and volunteering his strength and conditioning skills to various clients across the Chicagoland area. In 2007 Chris founded ProForce Sports Performance Training in Batavia, IL. As a graduate of Batavia High School's class of 1998, Chris insisted on bringing his wife Jami and two kids (Ella and Max) back to the Tri Cities to continue supporting the community where his success began.

After a successful college football career at Western Michigan University, Chris graduated and was privileged to play in NFL mini camps and the AFL (American Football League) for 5 seasons. Upon retirement, Chris was not ready to leave the sports world behind and easily applied his passion, knowledge, and experiences to athletes seeking substantial mental and physical edge against their competition.

Chrisí hard work has earned him more success than he could have anticipated. As a trainer and coach, Chris has helped hundreds of athletes reach their full potential. Whether that means getting drafted to play professionally, earning a full ride scholarship or just the opportunity to be part of a team, Chris understands the diversity of success. Some of the biggest accomplishments on Chris Browning's resume come in the form of mentor and teacher. To date Chris has guided several former ProForce clients and trainers through the strength and conditioning industry to help them chase career dreams. Andrew Otwell is the strength and conditioning coach for UNC Greensboro, Jackie Santacanterina is founder of T.R.U.E. Sports Performance, Joe Servais is owner of Servais Sports Performance, and Bryce Biel is owner of Legacy Performance. Chris has played an essential part in each of his studentsí achievements and plans to continue educating as he trains. For more information on Chris Browning follow ProForce on Facebook at ProForce Sports Performance Training LLC, follow him on Twitter @PF_Train_Insane or email ProForce at to join the mailing list.

The ProForce Facility
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