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ProForce Sports Perfromance Training - Athletic Development
Athletic Development
ProForce athletes are naturally progressed through appropriate resistance loads and controlled movements. ProForce certified trainers supervise and teach athletes how to efficiently build a foundation of a successful athlete. All facets of the program revolve around reaching goals and objectives, stressing proper technique, and keeping workouts fun while putting an emphasis on safety. The end product is a result driven and fun experience. Strength training has many benefits for young athletes, as well as those looking to get on a lifetime path to better health and fitness.

  • Increase muscle & bone strength
  • Increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance levels
  • Increase overall neurological, cognitive and motor skills
  • Protect muscles and joints from sports-related injuries
  • Improve posture and body composition
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
L1 - L2 - L3

  • Introduce resistance training through body weight (BW) training techniques.
  • Intro to running technique
  • BW squat
  • BW lunges
  • Plank
  • Running mechanics
  • Squat jump
  • Increase resistance training components
  • Higher level conditioning
  • Running bio-mechanics
  • BW squat
  • BW lunges
  • Plank
  • Push-ups
  • Running mechanics
  • Squat jump

Click here for Level III/Middle School Performance Training Information

*Assessments are done every day through observation of an extensive dynamic warm-up and muscle activation. Continuous assessments provides both proper placement and advancement of each individual junior athlete. Placement of athletes is strictly mandated by ProForce certified personal.