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ProForce Sports Perfromance Training - Programs Overview
High School Performance Training

High School Performance Training is designed to maximize all aspects of training as it combines traditional and unconventional methods to enhance athletesí overall performance during competition. HPT workouts are programmed to produce a more powerful and explosive athlete while reducing the risk of injury through mastery of proper technique. By addressing individual strengths, weaknesses, and needs, the program is able to progress athletes as their bodies become more balanced and prepared for more demanding workouts.

Science continues to show that a 3 month commitment is necessary in order to see a true increase in performance gains. Athletes who dedicate themselves to a regular training schedule, give full effort during workouts, and follow the counsel of trainers will experience optimal benefits.

HPTís 60 minute workouts will include the following:
  • Speed: Correct running biomechanics, acceleration/deceleration, footwork (SAQ), linear and lateral movements
  • Explosive Power: Olympic lifting, plyometrics, med ball, jump landing techniques
  • Strength: Force production, posterior chain development, functional movement, and thorough instruction to develop upper body, lower body, and core
  • Conditioning: Energy system, sports specific, and game ready prep
  • Injury Prevention: Proper foam rolling and myofascial release methods, identifying and correcting muscle imbalances, increased flexibility, mobility, balance and stabilization
  • Nutrition: Personalized guidance for peak performance and recovery