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ProForce Sports Perfromance Training - Athletic Development
Level 3: Middle School Performance Training
Athletic Development Level III (L3) Training is geared towards athletes transitioning into the high school weight room. The main focus of L3 is teaching and developing the proper execution of compound movements (i.e. squats, deadlifts, etc.) the athlete will be assigned to perform by the majority of programs at most high schools. L3 Training will develop sound and correct biomechanics, proper form, correct technique, and muscle recruitment which are essential pieces to form a proper base of support (strength).  Quality muscle patterns and proper muscle firing are also key pieces to solidify lifting foundations for young athletes as they lead to a reduced risk of injury and increased performance.

Each critical component is instructed by highly qualified, certified, and experienced coaches.  ProForce strength and conditioning trainers have dedicated their careers to building, developing, and maintaining athletes in the areas of strength, explosiveness, speed, flexibility, stability, and more.  There is no substitute for a proven and safe product, especially when it pertains to the overall physical and mental performance of the human body.