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ProForce Sports Perfromance Training - Nutrition

Athletes require proper nutrition in order to reach peak results.

Increased protein, carbohydrates, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are all special needs of any athlete looking to take their performance to the highest level. Even on a rigorous training schedule, an athlete can spend up to 5-7 hours in the gym working out. What athletes do with the other 163-161 hours left in each week has the BIGGEST impact on overall achievement. Rest is essential for complete body recovery and as most professional resources will tell you, 8 hours of sleep is preferred. With that being said, there is still over 100 hours of accountability each week left on the athlete which will be spent outside the walls of their training facility and away from a performance coach. Day to day responsibilities such as school and work are a given, but the main focus of any and all performance activity comes from the fuel an athlete puts into their gas tank.

Many athletes tend to rely on talent and genetics at early ages and at lower levels of competition. Eventually the performance level of the competition will increase and only then will the athletes deficiencies related to nutrition be exposed. Why wait and jeopardize training time, effort, and money? To optimize results, put the same emphasis and respect on eating right as you do grinding out your workout!

RESULTS from proper nutrition:
  • Decreased recovery time
  • Increased energy level
  • Increased stamina
  • Decreased body fat
  • Increased muscle gain
  • Injury prevention
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SUCCESS IS A PRIVILEGE ATHLETES ACHIEVE BY MEANS OF SACRIFICE. Are you willing to give up on the junk that has been hindering your results? Re-define the grind and make proper nutrition a lifestyle!

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