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ProForce Sports Perfromance Training - Testimonials

Proforce 3D Training is the answer! As full time working parents with kids in multiple sports, finding the time to work out and putting any intensity into that workout is challenging! 3D training solved that problem. 3D allows us to fit workouts into our schedule and 3D training isn’t just a great workout, but an intense, dynamic, optimized workout. 3D provides us with the intensity of a one on one personal training session with the enthusiasm and high energy of a small group workout. 3D trainers keep us motivated, challenge you to do more than you are capable of, and maximizes our time. Every second counts, 3D training keeps us moving… time is wasted! You simply can’t get a better workout when you when only have an hour to get a workout in. We get better results with 3D than us going to the gym on our own and feeling bored. When we finish a 3D training session, we’re soaked but be feel great! We’ve worked hard, put the time in, had fun, and see and feel the results.
Bret and Michelle Pedone

Thanks for everything you guy’s do at Proforce! Carter's speed, strength and agility show on the field and he’s starting to carry himself with more confidence. I appreciate what you guys do!
Gary Lenz

Our sons, 16 & 10 yrs. old, have been working out with the guys at Proforce for a couple of years now. Each of their programs are specifically designed for their personal skill level and fitness needs. They have shown tremendous improvement in their endurance and strength. Both their basketball and baseball games, have soared to the next level. They LOVE it! All of the trainers are AMAZING, knowledgeable and friendly!! It is worth every penny!
Rose Regelbrugge

Proforce has been very influential in the development of my daughter as an athletes and a person… They consistently challenge her through a series of activities to support her desire to become a better athlete”… “She has changed her eating habits under the direction of Proforce… She looks forward to her time at Proforce and leaves with a clear focus on her goals.
Kathy Pease, Geneva, IL

Soon into working with Proforce there were noticeable difference in Caitlin’s core strength, muscle definition, vertical jump, and the focus in which she approached conditioning”… “gains include an increase in her spikes, kills, blocks, and leadership both on and off the court. Caitlin actually looks forward to every session greatly due to ability of Proforce trainer’s ability to connect with adolescents...
Kim Piechotta, Batavia, IL

I have been a professional educator for almost 20 years and have seen many trainers come and go… ProForce will stand the test of time and adapt to changes because of their ability to implement innovate techniques, adjust to needs of diverse athletes, and most importantly the drive their staff posses to become better. I am proud to be associated with ProForce and look forward to watching the improvements of all our children continue.
Rob Williams, Geneva, IL

To Whom It May Concern - My son, Alie, has trained with Chris Browning since Sophomore year in high school, over 6 years ago, and continues to this day. Chris is a professional who will discuss your childs training needs in detail based on their goals, after an in-depth evaluation of the athletes ability. Alie's training needs have changed over the years and Chris has adjusted his direction accordingly. Chris has taken Alie from a high school "kid" to a "man" playing Division 1 football at Western Illinois. Proforce prices are very reasonable when compared to other training facilities and you get more individualized attention than other places. Chris has become like a part of our family and we owe him a lot! Thanks Chris!
Al and Dawn Walker