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ProForce Sports Perfromance Training - Programs Overview
Proforce FOOTBALL Performance

ProForce football training was built by professional football athletes looking to create a systematic approach to meet the relentless demands of those who WANT to perform on Friday nights, are DETERMINED to play on Saturday’s, and DREAM about a chance to suite up on Sundays!

The training environment is extremely intense, demanding, and motivational as every athlete works their hardest to earn their spot for the upcoming season. ProForce trainers will demand nothing but each client’s best throughout every phase of training. COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY ARE KEY!

Off-Season Football Performance Training (75 minutes)

Football Performance Training is designed to maximize all aspects of off-season training as it combines traditional and unconventional methods to enhance athletes’ overall preparation for competition. Football Performance workouts are programmed to produce a more powerful and explosive athlete while reducing the risk of injury through mastery of proper technique. By addressing individual strengths, weaknesses, and needs, the program is able to progress athletes as their bodies become more balanced and prepared for more demanding workouts.

Football Performance’s 75 minute workouts will include the following:
  • Strength
  • Explosive Power
  • Speed
  • Energy system, sport specific, game ready conditioning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Functional Mobility
  • Core/ Posture Stability
  • Nutrition/Recovery
  • Baseline Testing
  • Guaranteed Results
12 Week Program for committed athletes- limited spots available!
  • Tuesday, 1/5/16 to Saturday, 3/26/16 with an extra week of classes at the end for up to 3 make sessions
  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings 4:45-6:00pm
  • Saturday mornings 11:00am-12:00pm
  • 36 sessions (3x a week for 12 weeks) $775
  • 24 sessions (2x a week for 12 weeks) $575

Payments can be provided upfront or in 2 installments with credit card information on file. Studies continue to show that a 3 month commitment is necessary in order to see a true increase in performance gains. Athletes who dedicate themselves to a regular training schedule, give full effort during workouts, and follow the counsel of trainers will experience optimal benefits.

Contact us today to register:
501 W. Fabyan Parkway
Batavia, IL 60510
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