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ProForce Sports Perfromance Training - Programs Overview
Individual and Semi-Private Training

“Success is a privilege athletes achieve by means of sacrifice” ~ Browning, A

Today’s serious athlete needs a long term progressive plan to develop and maximize potential. The ProForce individualized (one athlete) and semi private (partners of 2-3) training options are constructed to put athletes through a comprehensive workout regimen. Commitment, sacrifice, and work ethic are mandatory. Essentially all aspects of improvement such as speed, strength, and conditioning are addressed year round. The crucial aspect is how and when these components are implemented into the program.


The first step is preparing the athlete for training by addressing any physical issues from the previous season in order to build a solid base. In this phase athletes are taught the basics of complex movements such as squatting, cleans, and work on core and balance. From here hypertrophy (mass gaining) or peripheral heart action (general full body strength) programs are utilized to acclimate the body for the next phases.


The result of the phase is superior body strength and muscular endurance. Lean body mass will continue to increase due to proper lifting technique and progressive stages. This phase concurrently puts athletes through movement prep for acceleration, deceleration, and lateral motions. During this time athletes are introduced to speed movements, proper form on plyometrics, jump training, and first step quickness maximizing proficiency when moving the body in a 3-Dimensional environment.

After the basics have been mastered and sufficient strength gains have been achieved, the training style changes. Strength workouts now incorporate more single leg and explosive styles of training to translate speed and power to the field or court with more control. This dynamic strength compliments the speed and plyometrics portion of the training. Here is where sport specific work will take place, peaking the athlete for their first practice and competition.


During the season, a maintenance phase will be implemented to limit strength and power loss due to competition and time out of the weight room. Physical therapy sessions will also be a major component of the athlete’s wellbeing during this portion of the training. Strength programs will return to basic movements with reduced volume so the athlete does not become overloaded with workout, practice, and competition.