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ProForce Sports Perfromance Training - Programs Overview
Speed and Plyometrics Training

Speed, Agility, and Quickness are the Primary elements of the ultimate athlete. The ProForce speed program is based on excellent coaching that emphasizes perfect form and injury prevention. An efficient athlete will run quicker and faster for longer with fewer incidences of injury. In the ProForce Speed program the athlete will progress in training that supplements their sport movements to increase first step quickness and acceleration, greater top end speed, proper lateral cutting and deceleration, and more explosive jumps. In order to be fast you must be strong. Our program implements strength for speed exercises creating greater force production.

Part One
  1. Corrective Exercise Plan
    1. Joint mobility
    2. Spinal corrections
    3. Hip instability
    4. Muscle imbalances - eliminate and prevent injuries
  2. Dynamic Warm Up
    1. D-ROM (Daily Range of Motion)
    2. Flexibility
    3. Prepare the body for the upcoming workout
  3. Core strength and stability
    1. Muscle activation
    2. Core Strengthening
    3. Balance & body awareness
Part Two
  1. Form Running (Instruction)
    1. Stride form, length, & frequency
    2. Arm movement
    3. *Volleyball players will focus on first step quickness and jump technique
  2. Active Movement (Proper ratio work:rest)
    1. Linear
    2. Lateral
    3. Multi-directional
  3. Strength for Speed
    1. Resistance training
    2. Sled work

What We Do For Speed and Explosiveness:
  • Running Form
  • Acceleration & Deceleration Technique
  • 40 yd. starts
  • Hip flexor strength and activation
  • First step quickness
  • Change of direction drills
  • Tred sled
  • Plyometrics
  • Pull sled
  • Hill running
  • Push sled
  • Vertimax training (jump, acceleration, deceleration, etc.)