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ProForce Sports Perfromance Training - Testimonials
ProForce Athlete of the Week Cora Climo, Bucknell University Soccer After my first summer of training at ProForce, I look and feel like a different athlete. The ProForce trainers have made going to workout both enjoyable and beneficial. I thought I knew a lot about working out but I have learned so much here. The trainers give personal attention and feedback, as they truly care about the success of their athletes. I have become stronger, faster, and smarter because of ProForce.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Joe Houlihan Just wanted to say thanks to Proforce for everything that they did for me this summer. Out of all the places I trained at through out my life Proforce was hands down the best. Their not kidding when they say "train insane". Saying that they push you is an understatement. I never worked out so hard before until I started training at Profroce. They pushed me beyond my limits and the results definitely showed what an amazing job they did with me. Im in the best shape of my life and my leg has never felt so good. After breaking my leg and having two surgeries on it, I almost threw in the towel because my leg was in constant pain. After just six weeks with Proforce, it feels like my leg never got hurt in the first place. If any athletes out there want to be great and want to TRAIN INSANE, I would highly suggest training at Proforce! Thanks again for everything guys, cant wait to come back over winter break! PROFROCE NATION BABY!!!!!!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Jeff Holm I went to proforce to rehab from a broken knee cap. Each day, Mike pushed me to do more than I thought I could do. Six weeks later when I finished my training, I was stronger, faster, more flexible, and had great endurance to go along with the knowledge to keep myself healthy. Each off-season I will be going back to train because they treat their clients like professionals and truly believe in making them a better athlete. I would not be in as good physical condition if I had not worked out at proforce.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Taylor Whitley - Indiana State University My Proforce training sessions push me to take my strength, speed, and conditioning to higher levels during the offseason. The team at ProForce makes sure my workouts are fun, fresh, and challenging. Not the same drill every time. ProForce is the most important training I do off the court to improve my performance on the court.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Ben Rogers - Cornell University ProForce is the primary reason I have become the athlete that I am today. With the hands-on help of all the trainers, I was able to improve my strength, speed, qickness, and confidence. ProForce created an intense but enjoyable environment for me to improve my overall athleticism, and it put me in a great position to succeed. Chris, Andrew, Jackie, and the trainers at ProForce truly want their athletes to succeed and encourage them to reach their potential. They did not just create workouts for me, they created a lifestyle. ProForce played a huge role in making my dream of playing college football come true. I feel very lucky to be a part of the ProForce team.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Matt Williams - Geneva High School Proforce is THE place to train in the tri-city area. They have helped shape me into the athlete that I am today. When I first got to Proforce I was a slow, average, weak kid, and now with their help I have grown into a more mature athlete. When I am working out it is not play time, it is time to work and all the trainers there will push you to reach your true potential. More importantly ProForce helps me and other athletes alike become better people by teaching us to prove the "doubters" wrong, and that we can over come any kind of adversity no matter how tough it is. Finally it is a good enviorment for athelets to come work out with the best so they themselves can become the best!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Parker Woodworth ProForce athlete Parker Woodworth is making his mark as a running back on Geneva Viking football. Woodworth has 15 touchdowns and 761 rushing yards after just six games. His hard work in the offseason at ProForce has made him into an unstoppable force on the field. Woodworth has led the Vikings to a 5-1 start and is leading in rushing yards. Congratulations to a great season so far!!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Brian Wilson Batavia's Brian Wilson was a two sport athlete in football and track & field. During Brian's senior year he really excelled in the shot put and helped the Batavia bulldogs come away with their first upstate eight river championship. Brian was a state qualifier for shot put where he ended up placing 12th in state. He earned many accolades his senior season including, All-Area, All Area honorable mention for the Kane county chronicle, as well as All-Conference. Brian PR'd at 53-5.5 in the Shot Put at IHSA Sectional Track Meet , placing second. Brian had another PR of 56'0'', which was a personal best for 2011and a Batavia high school record. Keep an eye on Wilson as he continues with shot put and football at North Central the next four years.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Patrick McGushin - Stoneybrook University - Lacrosse As a senior team Captain, Pat was a huge part of the success St. Charles Lacrosse team had in the 2011 season. He helped lead his team to the quarterfinals with a 15-5 record overall and a 6-1 record in conference. Pat has received many accolades for his athletic talents in 2011. He was named as an All-American, was selected to be on the Illinois All-State team, the Upstate eight All-Conference team, and was named to the All-Area team from the Daily Herald. Pat was one of eight goalies chosen nationwide for the ESPN Rise All-American showcase. Pat finished the season with a 61 percent save percentage and 85 percent clearing percentage this spring. Pat's hard work has really paid off and he will continue to play Lacrosse at Stoneybrook this fall on a full ride scholarship.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Alie Walker - Full Ride to Western Illinois University In my opinion he is the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever come across…There is no other training facility that allows you to work this hard and become so much better in every aspect of any game that you play…Without ProForce there is no way I would be where I am in my athletic career.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Meghan Niski - Full Ride to James Madison University ProForce has changed my attitude for training! Now, I ALWAYS look forward to train because I know that I get better every session. The never-ending encouragement from the trainers keeps me working hard throughout sessions. The specific workouts for volleyball players at ProForce has increased my strength, vertical, and endurance on the court. They will always do what is in your best interest in order to become a better athlete. Thank you ProForce!!!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Michael Santacaterina - Geneva, IL - Football ProForce has helped me get bigger, faster, and stronger. The trainers take a team approach in helping me reach my goals of playing college football. Simply put...they made me a better athlete!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Olivia Desormey - Scholarship to Seton Hall Proforce, thank you so much for all the training you have given me. I always have a blast working out with you, and I have so much respect for the program. You have trained me to perform at my best and have helped me push through the pain to attain the goal of gaining strength. Before Proforce, my endurance certainly was in need of improvement, yet now I feel physically stronger and I have increased stamina during matches. This program is the most beneficial way to prepare myself for the challenges to come that go along with being a college athlete. ~ Train Insane
ProForce Athlete of the Week Connor Quinn - Bemidji State University- Football Connor Quinn carried the ball 29 times for 142 yards and two touchdowns as the Vikings beat Batavia. Against St. Charles North, This 6-foot-2, 215-pound tailback gained 152 yards on 29 carries with two touchdowns. Also in the big win against South Elgin he gained over 200 all purpose yards and 8 tackles along with 1 touchdown! Connor has been a ProForce athlete for 4 years and is getting highly recruited to play college football! He recently received All-State honors and was named Upstate 8 Offensive Player of the Year! Congratulations “Train Insane”
ProForce Athlete of the Week Caitlin Piechota - Full Ride to Western Carolina Caitlin leads her team in kills this year contribuiting to the Bulldogs record breaking season. Her ability to dominate the net has helped Batavia reach 30 wins in the season for the first time in program history. Catlin has been a ProForce Athlete for 3 years and has worked extremely hard on all facits of her game. Through her own determination and sacrifice Caitlin recently committed to play volleyball at Western Carolina on a full ride scholarship. Read what her new coach at WCU had to say about Caitlin here! Caitlin was also named the Kane County Chronicle Girls Volleyball player of the year! Read the full story here! Congratulations!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Taylor Wickware - Scholarship to University of Miami of Ohio Thanks so much for the off-season training and keeping me injury free and getting me stronger for next season! Training at proforce has been an awesome experience and you guys really helped push me to my limit during workouts, I'll definitely be coming back for help with my precollege training this summer. Train insane!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Mike Monaghan - Scholarship to SIU Edwardsville I truly believe there is no other training like Proforce Training. The way Chris and his staff push you and get every thing out of you is incredible. He makes you give everything you got for every exercise you do. They have helped me to get stronger, faster and quicker and I truly believe that I would not be playing at the high level that I am now without the training I have received here. You are able to have fun with the trainers while still getting a tough, fatiguing workout.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Phil Livingston - UW-Platteville Football Thanks Proforce in preparing me for the demands of college football. The intensity and motivation I consistently receive has pushed me through tough workout after workout. See you again soon....TI
ProForce Athlete of the Week Alex Berg - St. Ambrose University Football Thanks Proforce for everything you do! Working with you guys over the years has put me in a position to be successfull. I always look forward to the summer...TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME
ProForce Athlete of the Week Brian Krolokoswki - Scholarship to Miami of Ohio ProForce is not for the uncommitted but for the athletes who want to be the best. Their commitment to you will surpass the commitment you give to your sport. ProForce will always do what's in the best interest of the athlete. To become the best at what you do you have to work and learn from the best. You know ProForce does a phenomenal job when their Division 1 and pro athletes come back to work during the summer and off season year after year.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Drew Fumagalli - University of Dayton Chris is the most energetic and inspirational trainer I have ever trained with. There is nobody out there with better experience in football and training. He has played at the highest level of football and it shows in his training sessions. Everything you do with Chris is the same thing the pros are doing and it works. I owe a lot of the success I had this season to Chris; he made sure that I was at the best mental and physical condition I could possibly be in when I left for camp. I cannot say enough great things about Chris’s passion and determination to make me the best I can be.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Sean Tews - Elmhurst College I have never trained anywhere like ProForce. The amount of effort and motivation put in by all the trainers helps push me to be my best at every workout. Thanks ProForce for everything you've done to make me a better athlete and help me prepare to play at the next level. TRAIN INSANE
ProForce Athlete of the Week Jordan Huxtable - UCONN Thanks for everything Chris and everyone at ProForce!!! Ballin out at Uconn and couldn't have done it without you guys!! Training with you guys is harder then anything we do here so you definitely got me in shape and ready to go. The knee is doing well and thanks to all the rehab and hard work you put me through I ran the fastest 40 out of the running backs. Ill be back in the summer and will be ready to train hard. Thanks again for training and rehabbing over the summer and winter break. TRAIN INSANE!!!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Nolan Possley - North Central College Chris Browning and Proforce Training have given me the opportunity to achieve and exceed my athletic goals over the past 3 years. Chris Browning and his team have helped me develop physically, mentally, and build confidence to evolve as a leader. Proforce is not for the athlete that accepts to be average; Proforce Training is for the athlete that demands and expects to work to be the best. I have become stronger, faster, and more educated as an athlete since the day I started with Proforce.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Bryce Barry - Butler University Chris and the entire ProForce team have been an integral part of my development as both an athlete and as a person. ProForce brings out the best in the athletes. Chris pushes you past what you think you are capable of accomplishing and keeps you hungry for more. Not only does Chris push you to the edge but more importantly he pushes us to be better people. Whether that is being a better brother or sister, being a person with high integrity, and lastly being accountable for your actions. Train Insane!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Pat Killeen - DI Siena Lacrosse When i first came to ProForce, I knew right away this was the place for me. Chris and the guys create an atmosphere that pushes me above and beyond my limits every time i set foot in the gym. I've never experienced work outs that were so exhausting but so motivating at the same time. Each time I would leave the gym, I could barley stand, but it kept me hungry for more. Training with ProForce has helped me change the way I eat, the way I train, and my overall attitude as an athlete. I owe a big things to Chris and ProForce for helping me train over the sumer, I feel I wouldn't be where I'm at today without them. Can't wait to get back this summer and start training for my next season! TRAIN INSANE!!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Samantha Szarmach - Elmhurst College - Volleyball ProForce has effected my athletic ability and performance dramatically on the volleyball court. I walk into each workout feeling stronger and seeing improvement in myself. The trainers are motivating and push you to be your best and have taught me so much, not only about being a better athlete but being a respectful person as well. Thanks for everything ProForce!
ProForce Athlete of the Week Kathleen Patterson - Swimming Scholarship to Northwestern University Chris always motivates me to do my best and has helped me develop into a well-prepared and confident athlete.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Sarah Cable - Colgate University Before training with Proforce, I never truly focused on full body weight training and conditioning for cross country and track and field. Since my summer work outs with Proforce, I have seen a great change in my running. Chris has helped me focus on certain areas that have helped make my runs longer and farther. Proforce is not only about weight training, the trainers have also helped me prevent injuries and improve my posture to help me succeed in my next season. In the past few months they have instilled a confidence in my athleticism that I will be sure to bring into competition.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Mo Smunt - Playing in Australia Not only can ProForce make any athlete stronger and faster, but the training also makes you become more mentally tough, which can be hard to improve upon. After working out at ProForce you feel as though you have an edge that you didn't have before. Pushing through a ProForce workout makes training that use to be hard look easy. You cannot get this training anywhere else. You will be addicted to Training Insane! If you are dedicated to improving as an athlete I believe most of your goals can be attainable.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Samantha Schrephferman, Kaneland High School Varsity Tennis Samantha is an extremely dedicated athlete who worked rigorously at ProForce for two months in order to lose nearly 20lbs to get in playing shape. The hard work paid off quickly for Sam as she was the number 1 singles player on Varsity as a freshman. Sam received all-conference honors and was the team MVP. She went 26-5 this season and was a state quarter-finalist. As she continues to train at ProForce, she has qualified for a spot on the USTA team in order to compete in closed meets throughout the summer. ProForce is looking forward to working with Samantha on her future Success. Keep it up Samantha! TI
ProForce Athlete of the Week Troy Fumagalli, Univeristy of Wisconsin Senior Troy Fumagalli (Aurora, Ill./Waubonsie Valley), who was holding several non-BCS offers, received a scholarship offer from Wisconsin and has now signed on to be a Badger! Troy has been part of the ProForce family for years and we could not be happier for this hard working young man. Troy has been a key weapon on both sides of the ball for WV Warriors throughout the season. Troy currently stands at 6'5'' and 220lbs and will continue to be on the ProForce GRIND looking to put on more weight and strength in order to establish himself at UW-Madison.
ProForce Athlete of the Week Jennah Perryman, Ball State University Jennah Perryman recently committed to Ball State University to play softball. Jennah attends Elgin High School where she is currently a Junior. Jennah led her high school team as a sophomore with 5 homeruns and collected 9 wins as a pitcher. She will primarily play 3rd base and shortstop at Ball State. She will pitch some as well. Proforce wants to congratulate Jennah on her Scholarship and applaud her work ethic she displays at Proforce.

I am lucky enough to know Brian as a teammate and a coach. Brian as a teammate was a senior leader. He treated all the guys on the team the same no matter your role starter or walk on freshman just trying to make a spot on the team to travel. He was always willing to help out his teammates with things he saw that would help. This trait made him a great coach as well. He was always observing to try to find ways someone could take there game to another level. He was always willing to do extra I don't know how many times I asked him to flip balls in the cage to me or hit me extra fly balls. I could not have been where I was today without his help. Brian is one of my favorite teammates and coaches mostly because of the kind of person he is. Always looking for ways to help and willing to go beyond to not only help himself but help others too.
Tony Campana

I would like to thank Proforce for making me a better athlete. I joined proforce about 2 years ago and have worked my hardest to obtain my goals of being in better physical condition than I currently was and to make the travel lacrosse team for River City. I obtained both of these goals and am now a better lacrosse player than I have ever been. At proforce, I learned how important it is to always try your hardest. I go into every practice and game with the confidence that I am faster, stronger, and smarter. While at proforce, I went through many long, rigorous workouts that would make me a better athlete. I continue to play on the lacrosse travel team thanks to your hard work and dedication to me. I appreciate all the time all of the trainers have spent to make me better. Proforce has had a major impact on my life over the years and I am grateful for everyone who made it possible.
Mitchell Lockhart

As a track and field athlete, Chris has helped me impove my speed and upper and lower body strength for throwing. Also, as a soccer player he has helped me improve my agility and footwork and overall strength to keep me from not getting pushed off the ball.  He helps me stay motivated and want to improve to become a better athlete. Chris pushes me to not give up and keep working hard.
Caitlin Eucker, Soccer, Track and Field at Northern Illinois University

I’ve been training with Chris for two years now, and I can say with all sincerity that he is one  the few people that know how to facilitate supreme mental toughness as well as major physical progression.  The best thing about Chris’ training regime is the fact that he doesn’t focus only on weightlifting, or conditioning, or technique; instead, he balances all three of these and creates workouts designed to progress an athlete in all facets of their sport.  I owe the vast majority of my football success to Chris and Proforce Training.  TRAIN TRAIN INSANE!
David Bollweg, Offensive Lineman, Yale University

I have worked with many elite trainers over the last   few years.  Chris Browning is definitely one of the best.  Everyday, Chris would motivate me and he helped me to take my game to the next level, not only in speed and agility, but also power and explosion.  All of his drills were meant to work on something and not just an exercise to take up time.  The main reason I go back to work with Chris is simple; after my workouts I have seen the results on and off the field, both in lifting for football and on the field making plays.
C. J. Robertson - Nequa Valley High School Graduate, Defensive MVP, All-City, All-Area, and All-State.
Full-Ride Athletic Scholarship to Southern Illinois University

Chris Browning and Proforce Training have helped me really evolve as a great athlete and baseball player… I have gotten bigger, stronger, and faster… The training staff at ProForce put their heart and soul into every workout making you the best athlete possible… I want to thank Proforce and Chris for all they have done and look forward to continue my training with them.
Dan Brewer, New York Yankees